Lie to Me – I’m an Idiot!

In full disclosure here I am a conservative registered republican, so when I watched last week’s GOP convention I was thrilled with the positive vision and hopeful feeling that we as a country can do better.  And then I get all tied in knots listening to the other side lie to me about what I actually heard with my own ears.

When people lie, they are hoping to convince you that their version of the truth is real and that up to now you have been misguided.  Having raised children, which I think prepares you to spot a liar when they stand in front of you, I can see and hear falsehoods quickly.

Yet the other side of the coin is that the liar is also inadvertently telling you that they think you are an idiot and therefore unable to reason things for yourself.  You should believe what they are telling you even if it is a lie.  Let’s face it, some honestly believe that if they say something one way long enough that somehow it becomes real.

Politics are tough enough to un-scramble, but nothing pushes my buttons like a liar.  They call it spin, I call it a lie.  When I run across politicians like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, I trust them more because I don’t find them lying to me.  When the media and the democrats twist or directly misquote, I reason that everything they tell me is a lie from then on.

So how different is this reasoning if you are one of my employees, or peers, or even my manager?  Nothing very different to my way of thinking.  If you lie to me, then you too think that I’m an idiot.  Good luck with that tactic as I can tell you now that you have already lost my support!


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