Taking Time To Volunteer

In my effort to find another passion to fill the void of little work in the training field, I took to looking this week for some volunteer work using www.volunteermatch.org .  Which if you have never taken a look at this site you are in for a big eye opener at all there is to volunteer for within a few miles of your house.

Last week I blogged on my desire to look for cooking roles, and although I found a few volunteer opportunities they conflicted with other obligations I have right now.  I’m not giving up hope, and I will check back next month to see what is opened up.

With cooking out of the picture I looked at passion #1 which is training and discovered something called SeniorNet, which is a volunteer program sponsored by our major hospital with locations all over town that teach seniors different home computer programs.  And since I am over 50 I am eligible to train!  First time that being older actually helps to get a job.

The administrator was pleased with my application and asked me to meet him at the open lab this Friday to check out the learning center and talk about how I can participate.  I am excited to find something local that I can make an impact with, even if it does not pay a cash dividend.  I’m making the assumption that my work will pay in a different way.

While I’ve always been so busy with work to find time to volunteer much in the community, I’m almost glad for the chance to have a little extra time on my hands while I wait on corporate America to start focusing on training more.

And what do you know, I’m able to keep doing what I do like to do most – training development!


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