Follow Your Passion

I’ve spent the past 22 years in the learning field, and to the best of my awareness was following my passion in career and work.  For anyone that has worked in the learning development profession, it is a certainty that we didn’t stay in this line of work for the money.   And the last several years this economy has proven that being a training consultant was not one of my brighter financial moves.  Many other careers pay much better for the work and responsibilities that come with leading a training organization.  However, recently a very good friend told me I should follow my passion and look for work in the field of my dreams.

That was nearly 3 weeks ago, and I remain a perplexed today as to what that field might be if it is not training.  Actually I think his point was to look at another passion because there is not much going on in training and I am wasting a lot of time looking for work that doesn’t seem too prevalent.  Yet I can’t help but believe that if I divert my attention from training development to look at something different I may never find my way back.

I love to cook for my family and large groups like church dinners, and I could see myself running a soup kitchen.  While I have had dreams of opening a restaurant, it is not really the restaurant as much as the cooking to please people and fill them up with good food.  I have no aspirations of being a chef, and plating the food I prepare is not what makes my day.  What this all leaves me with is a passion for basic cooking.  Another lowing paying career, but something I could wrap myself into.

I want to challenge you to think about your passion.  Are you in that career now?  If you are, what would be your second passion?  What kind of job would you seek out to try something new?  While I might need to act on my friend’s advice soon if the economy does not improve, I suggest we all know what our back up plan might be should we need to implement one.

Please share………..


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