Being Responsive To Others

Have you ever stopped to realize that before the invention of cell phones, heck even pagers, when you called someone and left a message, they returned the call?  So in this world of instant contact, why is it so darn difficult to return a call?

I can somehow understand this level of rudeness when it comes to returning the “sales person’s” calls, but what about when you are the potential customer and the service you called can’t get their act together to return a call?

Noting that our economy is not running at full steam, or anything remotely close to busy, I find it strange that businesses cannot figure out a way to capture the business they have at their fingertips.  Hello, it walked in the front door and is waiting to make a purchase, so get off your butt and close the sale!

Recently I have been doing some remodeling and I cannot believe how many times I have had to leave messages with painters, carpenters and assorted other people.  I’ve got to the point where I feel like I am begging them to work for me.  Sorry, not begging, especially in this economy, so I move on to another source.

Yesterday I left the third message for a painter, and finally added that if he was not interested, don’t return the call, otherwise I wanted to hear back from him today.  The person I got the referral from told me he is busy and often doesn’t return calls.

In my mind, if you cannot return a phone message and fit 2 minutes into your day for this task, then you are too busy for my potential business too and probably can’t do the work!  Yet even if he is too busy, by returning the call and telling me this, I at least leave with a good impression.  Instead I won’t refer anyone to this person!

No one person, or one company is so indispensible in this country that they have no competition!  So if you want to stand out from your competitors, answer the phone!  Or at the very least, return the call.


2 thoughts on “Being Responsive To Others

  1. A few months ago I interviewed for a job at a very well-known university. My initial contact came through an email (let’s call her Miss I.T.) and she was very prompt and responsive in setting up the interview. During the interview she mentioned that she would continue to be the “point person” in case I had any questions.

    When I did not hear back from them regarding a second interview (I waited about 2 weeks) I sent her an email politely inquiring as to where they were at in the process. No reply.

    I waited another week and politely reiterated my interest in the position and inquired about next steps in the process. No reply.

    I waited another week and inquired to see if the position had been filled. Again no reply.

    I mean, really? This from a professional HR department within a major university? I understand people are busy, but you cannot even take ONE MINUTE to hit “reply” and tell me the position was filled (or cancelled or whatever). I hear this all the time from job seekers and it is just SO frustrating. It just sets a bad example and leaves a bad and unprofessional impression.

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