When in Doubt – Over Communicate Your Message

Have you ever wondered what is going on?  Have you ever wondered what someone is thinking?  Have you ever wondered what comes next?

Lately there seems to be an epidemic of wondering because people are not communicating well or often enough to be heard.  They either “don’t have time” or assume their thought are being conveyed supernaturally.

Last week I pointed to the issue with Email, and how hard it is for people to use the “reply” button.  I honestly heard someone tell me this week they didn’t have the time to reply to my email.  I ran a test of how long it takes to hit reply, and type “really swamped, got your message, will be in touch soon.”  All of 15 seconds!

Yet when people don’t get the message, they panic!  They begin to move from wondering to imagining.  In today’s crazy world and economic uncertainty panic and imagination don’t blend well together.

My solution is simple.  Always respond to people, and over communicate to make sure your message is being received.  Check for concerns often, and adjust you process as necessary.

What ideas do you have?


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