Telling The Truth Won’t Kill You!

In the current political environment you would think that telling the truth would somehow be the end of life for the very people lying their butts off lately.  I’m so tired of listening to “the spin” and trying to figure out what people are trying not to say, that I long for the days when people just told the truth.

The sad part is that most of these professional liars are so into their version of the truth that they have convinced themselves that they are being truthful.  Even when they are confronted with annoying little things like facts they ignore the conversation and start in again with an even more exaggerated version.

Okay, sadder still is the vast amount of people listening that are being duped into believing the lies!  I want to just yell at everyone to stop lying and just tell the truth.  Face up to reality and let’s fix the problems.  Leaders should be leading in a positive way, and stop all this finger-pointing.  As my good friend Linda Galindo would say, “it is time to take personal accountability!”

So for those of you that are fearful that telling the truth might kill you, I’m pleading with you to try first and see how your relationships actually improve when people trust you more.  And for the politicians seeking a vote, you might be surprised how obtaining trust will help.


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