Knowing When To Walk

I’ve been in the workforce for 33 years, and have had a few jobs along the way, and several employers and managers.  Since my early years were in the financial services industry when they were buying, selling and closing banks right and left, I got used to leaving companies before I was ready.  Later, it was an odd experience to leave an employer that was still open for business.

Yet, knowing when to leave a company and a job has never been my strong suit.  I always stay too long and regret having not left sooner.  I will come up with one long list of reasons why things could change or things will get better.  Circumstances in my mind have always been temporary and subject to change, so why not just wait it out?

But folks, this is an insane way to run your career!  Putting the needs of your employer first is noble and I believe part of a solid relationship between employee and employer.  But when this becomes a one-way street, and the employee is always giving and the employer is always taking, it is time to walk.

I am the same kind of manager, and will often give people more rope than is necessary, yet when I have had to terminate an employee for performance I have always felt that I did everything I could.  Yet when I am the employee, I give the employer way too much rope.  My encouragement for all of you is to work constantly on your relationships, but draw the line somewhere so when it is crossed, you know to get out.  Don’t wait longer and continue to abuse yourself.  Get on with your career and find greener grass!

Know what your goals are, and take a few minutes, at least quarterly, and decide if where you are working, and what you are doing is a match.  If not, then make plans to move into a better environment.  Don’t wait as long as I have because you are physically and mentally exhausted by the time you make a change.

And instead of putting all the blame on your manager, team mates or the company, take the personal accountability for your decision to stay or walk.


3 thoughts on “Knowing When To Walk

    • Yeah, I am going to reply to my reply…one addition. Even more vital to “knowing what your goals are” know your Professional Definition of Success. Page 90 of The 85% Solution. Goes hand-in-hand with The Training Physicial.

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