Missing An Opportunity

Have you ever missed an opportunity because you waited too long to make up your mind?  You delayed a decision for whatever reason, and when you finally were ready to make your move the opportunity slipped by and through your fingers.

I was eying a car for sale recently online that was a great deal, and a chance to own a similar vehicle to one of my favorite cars.  I even printed it out and left it on top of my desk so the photo would catch my eye throughout the day, and when I finally went to go see it I found out it had been sold.

I’ve let smaller items slip through my fingers on eBay, because I was not actively watching the bidding process, and poof, someone else scooped up a deal.  The only thing worse than getting an email that says “you’ve been outbid” is the one that says, “you lost out on the item you were bidding on.”

Although these are small opportunities, I remember once when I was interviewing people for a job, I was fortunate enough to be talking with a lot of talented people.  Yet I failed to let the person I wanted the most know I wanted them to call me if they had another offer.  So when I finally made a decision to make an offer to this person, both of us were disappointed when I heard they had accepted another job.

Missing an opportunity is a disappointment that we need to hold ourselves accountable and not blame others for our lack of decision-making skills, or procrastination.  Yet I wonder sometimes how to react when I am the opportunity!

What happens when I am well positioned to work on two projects at the same time, and yet I cannot accept both at the same time?  I have to pursue work as a self-employed consultant when it becomes available.  I don’t always have the luxury of picking my favorite projects because they never arrive at the same day and time.  When people procrastinate in deciding, and think I will always be available when they are, they are risking a long delay before I could be free again.  I want to warn them of the possibility and yet the best I can do it notify them when I am no longer available.  By then it is too late to do anything.

So if you need to make a decision, make it as soon as possible.  Lives are often hanging in the balance waiting on you, and you never know what opportunity you could be passing up!


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