Leaders That Lie

By a show of hands, how many of you have ever worked for someone who lied to you?  How many of you have known a political leader you once trusted, but found out they lie all the time?  If you are like most you either raised your hand while reading this blog, or just said yes out loud to both questions.

Sad isn’t it?  Why do so many leaders find it okay to flat-out lie to us?  Why do you think that the honest leader finishes last in the race while the ones that lie the most seem to win the most?

While I can’t help but focus on politics in my own mind because right now I am self-employed, (I have a great boss) I don’t have to think back too far to come up with a long list of people who lied their pants off all the time.  They were almost proud of how many people they could fool along the way and the kicker is they cared less that some found this dishonesty repulsive.

I would much rather work for someone who I can trust.  I would much rather vote for someone I can trust.  So while we can’t always choose the people we work for, we can choose leaders that tell the truth when we go to vote.

I think that whether someone is a boss or political leader, they lie because they can get away with it.  Manners dictate that we cannot flat-out call someone a liar.  We must skirt around and drop hints and sway people with other facts rather than starting off with a more direct route.

I once worked for someone who couldn’t tell the truth unless they were in a room alone with you.  In public, everything was a spin, and the competition was fierce to match a lie with a bigger lie.  I once called him on it (of course in private) and although he did not dispute me, we walked away agreeing that we would always be honest with each other.

The first time he tried to spin something after that, I looked at him and created the most off the wall lie in response.  He laughed and said, “touche” and he never lied to me again.

So rather than live with leaders that lie, let’s demand better.  If it takes calling a liar a liar, then do it!  Get their attention, and maybe they will stop too.


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