Lacking Management Skills

If you ask most of the managers working today how much training they have had in basic management communications skills, you may be shocked to discover if they can even remember a single event, let alone their ability to create an appropriate list.

Heck, I ask training managers to list the management communication skills they offer/train, and I often can’t get anything.  Why?  Because over the past 10 years, we as a collective effort have done little to nothing to build management skills!

I read another learning expectations report the other day that said we are still focusing on building management and leadership skills in 2012.  That is a bunch of bull, because as a nation, if corporate America was focusing on management development like these forecasters have been predicting for the past 5 years now, we would be nearly finished.

Instead, focusing means it is still on the wish list of most organizations and management teams.  Training Managers in mid-sized and small organizations are talking the talk, but cannot seem to actually train these skills in any depth.

A fully comprehensive management training program could be reviewed, evaluated, negotiated, and implemented in 30-days start to finish.  So what is preventing companies from getting these skills developed?

I’m out of answers, any thoughts out there?


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