Losing An Hour

This upcoming weekend is Daylight Savings Time, and for many it is a time to reset the clocks and “Spring Forward” while at the same time “Lose” an hour of time.  I have the hardest time adjusting to this change so I trick myself into accepting it earlier than necessary.

While most will awake Sunday morning and run around resetting the clocks in their house, I choose the afternoon hours of Saturday for this task.  I choose a time when the day is slowing down and I just move the clocks ahead.  Dinner is earlier than usual, and so is bedtime.  I’ve conditioned myself to the change for hours before I need to align myself to the change.

The reason I do this is to prevent the Monday morning drag that so many will face, “with an hour’s less sleep”, and the inevitable week-long excuse for not getting much done because “I’m so tired”.

While the lack of sleep might be a reality, I don’t want it to get in my way of being as productive as usual the following week.  For all that change their clocks (and I realize some states do not) I realize that we may only lose one physical hour, for many the week becomes more that losing an hour of productivity.

While I love the extra daylight hours coming soon, I know that the transition is difficult for many.  If you find that Daylight Savings Time puts a drag on you physically, trick yourself like I do, and take responsibility for having a productive week free of excuses!


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