Ready, Set, Resign!

Whether you call it quitting, leaving or resigning, the fact remains that when an employee tells you, usually you have little or no chance to change their minds.  The damage is done, and you have lost this employee.

Now I realize that sometimes we are jumping for joy that this particular employee will be history, but most of the time, and for the purpose of this blog today, we are going to focus on the folks we wish we could have kept.

I was listening to a talk radio show on a drive the other day, and I can’t be sure of the exact percentage, but I think it was somewhere around 25% of all currently employed people are chomping at the bit to find another job as soon as the economy improves.  Depending on your political leanings, you either think that is right around the corner or years away.  The timing though is future, but the problem is current.

You see the main reason for this employee unrest translates to “the way the employer is treating the employee.”  Current employees feel overworked, under trained, and unappreciated.  Employers point to a bad economy that prevents new hires, and spending money on training or things that make people feel valuable.

Given that the cost of replacing any employee is equivalent to a year’s salary, give me a break that there is no money to invest in the current employee to improve your employer-employee relationship.

While it may be difficult to bring on more full-time staff to ease the workload, if people are overworked, then there is enough work to hire part-time, or contractors to ease the pressure.

Training is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve your working relationship and the bonus is a better developed employee who usually is grateful to the company that developed them.  Hey, it may sound a little like blackmail, but employees are more loyal to companies that invest in them.

As for appreciation, may I suggest the cost-effective use of the words – “Thank You” once in a while.  You may not have the money to buy everyone a new car (like that happens often) but you do have tools to make employees feel appreciated and valuable.

Or, you can simply continue to ignore the problems, and bone up on your own interviewing skills.  Either to replace your resigning employees, or to get a better job yourself!


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Resign!

  1. Yes, “the way the employer is treating the employee.” You have that SO right!

    I’m currently going through a very bad scene with a very bad boss. I’m looking for another job, but so far must endure. I’m sure he (and his girlfriend who also works there) are also looking to get rid of me, but will wait until they get what they want from me. In other words, it’s bad all around.

    I’ve been surprised at the number of people who write about these “bully bosses” and the damage they cause to people’s lives. When you work for someone like this (as I currently do) there seems to be no winning either way. They simply cannot be reasoned with. If you are meek, they will bully and demean you even more, and if you stand up to them (as I sometimes do) well, then the result is they will also get rid of you because bullies don’t like being called out.

    I’m not sure this was more question or comment, but you have a good blog, and I found it more helpful than many. It’s difficult to find information or advice on this topic.

  2. My pastor is found of reminding us that all things are subject to change. Although it would not be a good thing to say to his face, the next time you are confronted with your boss and his attitude, say to yourself – “Boss, you are subject to change.” I have found this quite empowering!

    Thanks for the kind remarks about this blog. There is more in here about the caustic leader as I have had so many of these winners in my career to draw inspiration from. Hang in there!

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