Plan Your Vacations

Usually by the second week of January my wife and I have plotted out our vacation days on a year at a glance wall calendar.  We both love to travel, and we use some of that time off to stay home for our improvement projects.  This year we are painting the exterior of the house one week- yippee!

I am a planner and I find that knowing when I want to take time off allows me to shop for vacation destinations early and save a good amount of money being the early bird.  But mentally I look forward to the next trip or break in the normal routine.

While I am an advocate of planning to save a dime, I also plan things to increase my individual productivity.  I am self-employed, so I have to be careful not to be on vacation more days in a year than I am working, or the money dries up.  I have always been one of those employees that gave more than a day’s work for a day’s pay, which is why I am such a supporter of anything that increases productivity.

The reason I am promoting the idea of planning your vacations is so that the remainder of the year you can concentrate on working.  As I watch numerous clients diddle away their 40-hours every week and think nothing of pushing a project down the road for 6 months, I am appalled that some of them continue to collect a paycheck.  Not only do they lack personal accountability for their productivity, their employers seem to be out to lunch too.

Vacations and Holidays are for rest and relaxation and the remainder of the days in a year are for work.  Whether you are on a salary or paid hourly, it is vital for your company’s success that you put in a full-time effort.

So whether you are planning to stay home and paint, go camping, or fly to a resort or cruise this year, plan the time for vacation, and spend the rest of the year earning your paycheck.  You will feel so much better this time next year if you exercise life and workplace balance.


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