A Model of Leadership

I lost my Father to a sudden heart attack when I was 14.  My whole world was rocked, as well as my faith of what God was up to.  Three years later I would begin to see a part of that plan unfold when my Mom would marry again and I would have a Step-Dad and ultimate best friend.

After battling numerous health issues, he passed away this morning in his sleep.  Yet even over the past two weeks as friends and family came out of the woodwork to say their goodbyes, he remained the role model I have looked at these past 35 years as a true servant leader.  He was eager to move on, and yet patient enough to wait for God’s timing.

His faith was as strong as anyone could ever hope to achieve, and the reason my faith was restored a long time ago that God is actively working in our lives for our good.  He walked his talk more than he talked it, and for someone who definitely had the gift of gab that is saying something.

Years ago when I started to learn the concepts of Servant Leadership and what types of actions it takes to live that kind of role, it didn’t take me long to realize I had a model of leadership in my own family.  He never judged people and always looked for ways to help them succeed.  He never acted differently than the ways he wanted others to behave.  He walked his talk.

If you are struggling to find a hero or a role model to follow, may I suggest you look around your close family and friends.  While it is admirable to look at political and historical people of the past, you just may find more inspiration and motivation in the personal relationships close by.

In memory of Gerald J. Sponsler 1929-2012


One thought on “A Model of Leadership

  1. So very sorry for your loss. Thank you for the gift of your message.

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