Spineless Managers

I am getting to the point where I really love shopping online versus in person.  You seem to get more information online, and at least the program is written to provide service.  Unlike the human beings that are being employed to ignore me, and are so under-skilled they can’t answer a single question about a product they are selling.

This time of year retailers pull out all the stops to bring shoppers into their store.  These same retailers staff up with rude and inconsiderate people who are focused on their own needs in sidebar conversations and collecting their next check and never missing a break.

I was in a great mood this past weekend, as my wife and I were shopping with a great coupon and found something we had been searching for, and now was that much cheaper too.  Then we check out of this department (not discount) store only to be “assisted” by a young lady talking on her in store head set about her next break.  I came within inches of screaming – “hey, I’m the customer here!  You are ringing up the wrong price!  Hello? – Get off the phone!”  Thankfully my wife has much better control, and while grabbing my arm, also got this lady’s attention.  Smiles were not exchanged, but we paid the correct amount.

In other areas of a different store, I saw numerous employees that were dressed (and I say that loosely) with revealing clothes, un-tucked shirts,  and pants below the butt-line.  This is not this store’s dress code, and I can guarantee that HR and Training communicate a different set of standards during orientation.

The fault of all these issues and the many more I’m not naming sit at the foot of Spineless Managers.  These folks are scared of communicating with these staff members.  They are focused on getting through the day with as little confrontation as possible, and since they can count on customer issues, they take a pass on dealing with staff.

If a manager doesn’t know how to deal with these types of communications, okay, train them.  And while I agree that many managers are not trained these days in one-on-one communication skills, many choose to look the other way.

Staff represents your company.  Staff-Customer experiences today determine future experiences.  Managers are being paid to manage the operations, the service level and the staff.  It is about time they did their jobs a little better.

One last thought for those who think they have job security and can act any way they want.  You are wrong!  There are still a lot of people out there that want your job, and would work harder than you do.  That goes for the lady that ignored me, and her spineless manager for not dealing with this behavior.


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