Saying Thank You

Have you ever heard someone say something that made you think, “hey, did I hear that right?”

I was listening to a news article on TV the other day claiming that office parties are still the best way that organizations can say “Thank You” to their employees.  Really?

What happened to the simple vocalizing of the words THANK YOU to each of your employees, peers and supervisors throughout the year?  When was the last time you heard people thank you for your contribution one on one?  When was the last time someone sent you a note of thanks for your contributions?

Oh no, parties are the way to go!  Spend money on food, entertainment and gifts to demonstrate your gratefulness to employees.  Make a heartfelt speech to the group that everyone is valuable and a contributor to the success of the company.  Give me a break!

We have all been to these parties, and I will admit that the sentiments spouted off from the platform are never as sincere as they should be.  There is always someone in the group munching down the food, and tearing open their gift that has not been a part of the company’s success, in fact they are the real reason we are not as successful!

I will be the first to admit that I am old fashion.  I am the kind of leader that takes the time to know my staff, and I look for ways to thank them specifically and frequently.  Yes that takes time, but it is more cost-effective than wasting money on office parties.

So for those reading that I’ve got your attention, try diverting the money spent on parties toward developing your employees.  Honestly, if companies spent the money they do on parties on training, the appreciation factor would still be high, and the return on the investment in your employees would last longer then the logo pen set you gave them!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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