Feedback Is Essential

We all know that we need feedback to know when we are on track, and when we have taken a detour from the expectations.  Yet, feedback given is only half of the message.  What happens when the person receiving feedback doesn’t know about it?

My daughter is taking online classes through a university noted for a robust learning environment.  The professors are giving a lot of constant feedback on assignments, discussions and actively participating daily with their students.  On top of all that, there is a grading section that a student can read about their progress for the week by assignment and a weekly summary.

I just became aware of this last feature, and when I discussed it with my daughter, her eyes lit up with “how cool”!  Since this happened to be the last week of the course, I responded with a typical dumb parent response like, “Huh”?

In her orientation course, and all through the past 9 weeks, she had not know about this feedback section.  She was passing one class, and the other class is not doing as well as I would have liked.  If she had known about this feedback, she would have had some valuable information to learn and improve from.  Yet she missed the feedback altogether!

Feedback is essential, but I’m learning that feedback sent is only good if it is received.  If you are giving feedback, then make sure it is being received.  If you are a manager, how are you making sure your advice is being received? If you train, teach or coach, are you checking to see if your message has been received?

We in the learning world hammer so much on encouraging people to give feedback, but what I think we urgently need to do is check to make sure we are also training people on how to confirm their feedback is received.

How are you doing this?


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