A Time of Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  It is a time that Americans come together and give thanks for their blessings.  It is a time to help others that are less fortunate, and of course a time to eat more than your body should consume in a week let alone a day.

I recently heard a paster comment that it is easy to be thankful for all the good that is happening to you, but that we should be thankful for all the bad that is happening to us too.  “For God is in charge of all works in our life for our good.”  We may never know, nor should we always be trying to figure out how it all works together for our good, just trust in faith that it is.

This means to me that I’ve been a little remiss in my list of things to be thankful for.  It also helps me on my mission to be more accountable for my actions if I am not blaming others for things but being grateful for my circumstances.

There must be a reason that people don’t return phone calls and emails.  There must be a reason that decisions are avoided or delayed and sales are not closed.  There must be a reason that my cat appreciates my words more than clients.

I am thankful for all that has gone well in my life without a doubt, and I am going to be making a serious effort to be more grateful for all the other obstacles too.  It won’t happen overnight, but with your help or without it, I will make Thanksgiving a year-long activity.  (Accept for the eating, as I have to lose some weight this year too!)


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