Trying A Do Over

For those of you that have been following this blog for at least a year, you may remember one I wrote in November 2010 called Surviving The Carnival Splendor.  If you don’t remember the press coverage of the dead in the water cruise ship off the Mexican Rivera coast last year, read that blog before you continue.

So this next week we will be boarding the Carnival Spirit for a 9-day “do over” cruise as Carnival’s way of encouraging our family to give them another try.  This will be my 33rd cruise so my expectations are that it will be just as normal a sailing as usual.  The experience on the Splendor was just that, an experience.  Considering how many ships depart every week around the world, that was really just a fluke.

Yet anyone that is required to deliver good customer service will tell you, the upset customer can do more harm than 100 pleased customers can do good.  So for Carnival Cruises to not only refund the ill-fated cruise from last year, but to compensate for another cruise at no charge, they want to turn around as many of those upset customers as they can.

I am such a cruise-aholic (my own term) that I would have cruised again without any incentive, yet at the same time I’m not sure I wouldn’t have chosen another cruise line to get my feet wet again. (no pun intended)  By having this “do over” handed to me, it made my decision easier to return to Carnival Cruises.

So tune in again in a couple of weeks, and we shall see how this second chance worked out.  I’m curious to see if I’ve been flagged as a survivor or if I will get the same top-notch treatment.  The reason I love cruise vacations so much is that all passengers are treated like royalty!

Bon Voyage!


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