Darkness Without Vision

As leaders we need to establish the direction we are headed, the land we are headed toward, or the environment we are moving into.  All of these are forward-looking into the unknown for most of the folks following our leadership.  So it stands to reason that the future is void of any picture unless it is painted with the leader’s vision.  Without vision we have total darkness.

How many of us are working today with leaders that are leading us into a tunnel that is pitch black?  They are so busy describing the activities that we are going to do along the way that they are failing to paint a picture of what it will look like when we get there.

Stephen Covey coined a phrase he calls a habit of successful people, and it is “Begin With The End In Mind.”  In other words know where you are headed, be clear about your vision and paint a picture with as much detail as possible of the world you want to lead others to.

I think we have all experienced the leader that can illustrate a deeply focused vision and describe what winning the goal will look and feel like.  If you are in agreement with the vision, there is nothing more exciting than to find that journey worth the effort.

We have also experienced the leader that either fails to describe the vision or has no clue where they are headed in the first place.  Sadly this has not stopped them from moving forward into what equates to a black hole.  To make matters worse, they land up taking a lot of employees with them into the darkness.

I have a very simple solution for our leaders.  Never move forward without a clear vision of where you are headed and make sure everyone understands the land they are moving to.

I also have a very simple solution for when we are the followers.  Never follow anyone that has not established a vision you can see and agree to.  And if you simply can’t control this urge, at least bring a flashlight with you!


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