Looking For New Opportunities

Have you noticed how often people are trying to work around their unemployment status?  They are not “out of work” or “unemployed”  they are “Looking for New Opportunities!”  Why is everyone beating around the bush?

There are probably as many theories as there are real reasons for the creativity in the current titles you read in online profiles, and I have no problem with that because this is marketing, the same as a resume used to proclaim in paper form.  I get irritated when people leave up a 2-year old title and company that no longer exists, or just sounds better than their current job, but I chalk it up to marketing again.

However, when they try to disguise the fact they are seeking a job because they don’t have one right now, I find that misleading at best.  Yet I’ve heard that too many employers are screening applicants based on if they are currently employed and giving preferential treatment to those with a job to leave.  Why?

If I am out to hire someone, I’m looking for someone who needs and wants a job period.  Not someone who wants a better job then the one they have today.  I see the former as being more motivated and let’s be honest, loyal to me since I gave them an opportunity.  I’m not looking for the greener pasture person who is always out to find something better.

The games are even played in the self-employed areas of work.  Somehow being self-employed means top of the food chain, and the last person who needs work.  Which flies in the face of most self-employed people, myself included.  I prefer to choose the term “under-employed” as I wish I was a heck of a lot busier.

My heart goes out to recruiters who are trying so hard to find the right person to fill an opening they have to source.  Jeez, they have to wade through so much to find the right person and they are overloaded with people who are not at all qualified.

Yet on the flip side, have you read a job posting for anything recently?  The list is a mile long, and even if you are perfect for the job, there will be several things you have never witnessed before let alone are proficient in doing.  Now what?  Pass on the job, or dance around with more misleading statements.

Here is my odd idea for resolving some of this ramping up.  Simplify the need to have requirements for competency in the job.  Leave out all the nice to have items and make this list short.

If you are applying for a job, be realistic about your employment status and your potential for success in the job you are seeking.  Pull back the marketing and spell out for the recruiter why you are their best telephone call for an interview.

Clean up your online profiles so they capture the real you and your experience.  Change phrases like “looking for new opportunities” to something bold like “Awesome Out-Of-Work Training Manager.” 

Maybe, just maybe, honesty will prevail!


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