Hang In There……

Have you ever noticed that when you are at a loss for words to say in response to someone telling you about their bad situation that we often respond with “Hang in there”as a way to make them feel better?

Yesterday someone emailed me a thank you for sending them a job posting they had not seen.  He then asked how the business was doing.  I had responded that summer is always slow, but this year it has been really slow.  He responds back “hang in there.”

Although it was meant as words of support and encouragement that things won’t stay slow forever, today I started to wonder if it wasn’t more than that.  Could hang in there be a way of avoiding the issue?  Could hang in there simply mean do nothing and eventually things will change?

I’ve never been the kind of person to just wait anything out patiently.  I usually am trying to change my circumstances rather than live through them.  I know I have limited patience, and that I need to learn to live and work better within other people’s time frames.  However, I also think we need to do all we can to advance ourselves as far as possible before we “hang in there” waiting it out.

Now although I have used the phrase hang in there with others, I took a second look at the circumstances that prompted my friend to offer those words of comfort.  I decided that when I said business was slow, I really meant it was just not as busy as I wanted it to be.  It hasn’t stopped, so I gave thanks for what I was doing, and decided to look at different ways of obtaining new business.

So rather than just hang in there, I acted on an email I had been saving about LinkedIn advertising.  Who knows if it will work for my consulting work, but it was a trial period with a $50 credit.  What could I lose, and what could I gain?  It is worth trying out, and so we shall see if it produces a new lead.

So if life seems to be getting you down, don’t let it.  Reframe your point of view.  and in the mean time, hang in there……………


One thought on “Hang In There……

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I hear “hang in there” all the time, and you’re right – it’s often what people say when they don’t know what else to say. I enjoyed your exploring what is really behind this statement. Very well written (as always). Thanks, Jim.

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