Lacking The Time To THINK

I attended a webinar today presented my Lisa Bodwell, the CEO of FutureThink on “Hitting The Reset.”  She began with a staggering statistic about the lack of time we have to think these days, a strategy that allows creativity and problem solving.  She said the results of the research was a whopping 5% of our time is spent in the “thinking” mode.  It is no wonder we can’t dig ourselves out of this economic recession, depression or whatever you want to call it.  We need new ideas and positive changes and that requires time to think.

This was my first experience with FutureThink and Lisa Bodwell.  If you have not taken a serious look at the company and their training techniques, run don’t walk to their website!

The ideas that were expressed in the webinar are not ones I feel comfortable sharing in this space because of copywrite issues.  Yet, I can tell you I walked away with my mind clicking and truly jazzed at some of the possibilities if we could get people to think more often and empower them to change some of the things that get in our way of being productive and problem solving.

So rather than take anymore of your time reading this blog, go to and start thinking differently right now!


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