Creating Managers That Can Lead

Anyone that is reading this blog, knows well the value of management and leadership training, and the positive things that come from managers that can lead.  I have to wonder then why so many companies either avoid solid management / leadership development or train in such a light manner to have no effect at all.

Is it really money that prevents training?  Lack of budgets for this kind of training is by far the number one excuse for delaying or avoiding all together management development.  Although this a convenient excuse that can never really be verified, I’d like to float my own theory.

Since most initiatives like management development stem from a need for succession planning, the director of human resources is the normal driving force.  Although this person needs to have senior management support, they really are the key influencer to selling people on this kind of training.  Even if the organization has a competent training manager, Human Resources is the direct beneficiary or client of well-trained managers.  Or are they?

Normally you would think that Human Resources would thrive on well-trained managers that can handle issues themselves and prevent problems, thus involving Human Resource personnel less often.  This my friends is a good strategy.  However, if Human Resources is into empire building, and remaining indispensible, it is counter productive to that goal to have well-trained manager.

Managers that are unskilled cause personnel issues that need Human Resources to intervene.  They also cause employees to underperform, get fired or quit.  Those actions require more Human Resource intervention with performance management and recruitment.

Under performing managers cause problems that only Human Resources can solve.  Talk about job security!!!  Why on earth would you ever train a manager to be self-sufficient?  You need these managers to cause problems if you want to remain center stage, and grow the size of your department and influence.

The basis of my theory is that I find that companies that deploy management and leadership training, focusing on skill development have engaged Human Resources that partner with the business for success.  Companies that don’t train managers to lead and often paired with Human Resources that are inefficient, super busy, and working overtime to demonstrate their value.

In my opinion, value is helping others to succeed.  Value is getting out-of-the-way and empowering people.  Value is creating manager that can lead!


One thought on “Creating Managers That Can Lead

  1. We solely believe that our people are our future, and we invest all of our time, training them in leadership skills, team management, etc.

    leadership can be defined by one word: influence.

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