“Let’s Plan To Fail!”

When was the last time you attended a management meeting of any size/scale and the group leader stood up and after announcing a new strategic plan finished with “Let’s All Plan To Fail”??

Never you say?  I would agree 100% with you that it is never something that is openly stated, but a lack of attention to a process that can cause an initiative to fail is the equivalent, just not as obvious.

I am currently watching a company that is in the process of acquiring another company of equal size, and has announced a second acquisition of another company of equal size within the next 6 months.  They will be tripling their size, customer base and employee head count in less than a year.

When I found out that the acquiring company had been operating for the past few years without a formal training function, I decided to reach out to management to offer my assistance as they prepared to train all these new employees in products, services and culture.

To my genuine surprise, I discovered that there was no formal plan in place for training.  Somehow everything that employees needed to learn how to do would come about naturally.  In other words, the strategic plan was – Let’s All Plan To Fail!”

As this is a disaster in the making, I am doing my consultative best to convince management that this is not the best plan of inaction, and that a lot is riding on both of these acquisitions being as successful as possible.  Not only do the current employees and customers deserve better, future acquisitions could fail to materialize if these two flop.

Bottom line, if you expect human beings to perform differently than they are today, you must have a learning performance plan in place.  Rolling the dice is just not a reliable plan.  Neither is failing to implement something as simple as a training plan.


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