The Three Ghosts

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the Christmas Carole, and I wonder what would happen if those three ghosts were to visit a few selected company CEOs and help them see things differently.  Imagine for a second if your company started doing things completely the opposite of the way they have in the past?  Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

I think the simple moral of the Christmas Carole story is that it is never too late to change.  No matter what bad behaviors we have exhibited in the past, no matter how we have managed processes or people we could do things better from here on out.  For some of us we could be motivated to make these changes just by reading an encouraging blog.  For others, 3 spirits with their own agendas might be necessary to see the light.  And sadly, some will never change under any haunting circumstance.

So for those of you that have someone you wish could change (or maybe it is your company that needs to change) how could you influence them to perform differently from now on?  If they were to start tomorrow morning with a new attitude, what should be different?

I personally like the Christmas Carole theme for a strategic planning meeting.  The “Ghost of Company Past” begins by discussing the company past tense and what was so meaningful and worked so well.  What did you forget and stop doing?  What would still work today that worked in the past?

Then the “Ghost of Company Present” takes a hard look at the company today, and what is happening that you don’t know about.  What startles you about the status quo?  What is lining up as a perfect storm that could threaten your very existence?

Lastly, take a look forward with the “Ghost of Company Future”.  Not the company you want to exist, but the one you are lined up to become, because of your existing practices.  Is it even close to the reality you want?

Whether the three ghosts visit you or someone else, the experience is only valuable if you wake up refreshed and willing to change.  My wish for you is for not only for the open mind to see your reality but for the strength of character that may be needed for you to change your ways in a 180 degree about face.


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