The Fairness Factor

There has been a lot of talk these days about fairness in the way we treat almost everything and everybody, and yet talk is only good if it is walked.  In other words do we practice fairness?

Too often I have worked in environments that the concept of fairness is only that, a concept.  Oh it is preached at the highest levels, but when it comes to the rubber hitting the road, politics and friendships will win out everyday of the week.

Frankly if you are a manager and/or leader and cannot say for certain that you treat everyone the same, offer the same opportunities, and stage the environment for everyone to be successful then you are creating more havoc than you are success.  By giving some employees a better chance for success, better tools to achieve excellence and your right and left arm anytime they need it, you alienate the rest of your employees.

So What?  Well, I guess if you can’t stand the rest of the team and wish they would all go away, your wish will be granted soon.  However, my real guess is that they do provide value, and by losing any one of these people it would put a serious crimp in your personal success.

The sad truth is we know when we play favorites, and we are in control of our behaviors.  So if you lose an employee, ask yourself what you could have done to prevent it.  Better yet, ask yourself now how you could practice the fairness factor differently before you lose your next employee.


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