GOOD Service Can Defuse BAD Service

We all know that really good customer service can make all the difference to attracting and maintaining our clients.  Any service or retail company that is not focused on building, coaching and achieving great customer service is simply just begging to go out of business.  Yet have you ever remained with a company as a client even when the customer experience was just plain awful?

Recently I experienced the poorest of service from a company that I really had grown to expect that nothing ever goes wrong.  Yes, the client experience was so perfect that I have been amazed over the past few months why everyone in the world didn’t do business with them.  When I had an issue, their customer service seemed right on top of things and I felt more than confident that things would be fixed.

Then the issue didn’t get fixed within the timeframe promised.  I called back to customer service, and was again treated with such respect, I left assuming that “things happen” and that this time I was going to have no problems.  Well, they dropped the ball again.  And then they dropped the ball again.  Yet after the 4th call, it was finally fixed.

I know what made the difference is that I was genuinely ticked off each time I had to follow-up and call back, but each time I was treated so well that I hung up happy as a clam again with these people.  Even at the 4th call I was amazed how quickly I cooled down because GOOD Service Can Defuse BAD Service!

I’m still a client today.  If you want to experience really good, no make that really awesome customer service, call eBay!

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