Should I Resign or Get Fired?

I dear friend of mine asked me this question recently at a point in her life that I had been expecting to come months ago.  This is a very sweet person and a joy to work with as a fellow human being, but she has got to be one of the most unfocused people I have ever known.

She has a relatively low pressure job that she has managed to turn into a high stress job because her productivity is minimal, and now her manager has started corrective action that requires her to get something done.  Rather than work on her time management skills, or focus on her priorities she is ready to throw in the towel.

I was looking through NetSpeed Fast Tracks for a few pod spots that might help her dig out and sent her one of my favorites to help with the time management issues called: Time Management for the Perpetually Challenged.  She appreciated the tips, but a week later she was back to the same old song of should she resign or get fired.

After we talked for a while I started to get a better understanding of the economic issue she was facing if she resigned versus getting terminated so she could collect unemployment.  Although I understood her dilemma, the trainer in me was still trying to get her to focus on improving the skills she would need going forward in this job or the next one she gets.  And keeping this job to me seemed like the best economic decision she could make too.

In the past few weeks she has moved a few things off her to do list, and she is feeling better and less stressed.  Her manager is pleased with the progress and is very supportive of her efforts to improve her performance.  I asked her if she was still considering resignation, and she is not planning to accept defeat and sees a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

I was prepared for her decision to resign, and had already found a perfect message to send her so she resigned the right way.  It is called Leaving in Style.

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