Coaching Smart People

When we think of “Coaching” most managers are thinking of the need to redirect an employee so that they have better performance.  And even though this is a common direction for a lot of coaching conversations, there is also the need to coach the good performer for optimal future performance.

If you have 90-minutes to spare on April 12, 2011, I would like to invite you as my guest to attend a NetSpeed Leadership webinar called “Coaching Smart People.”

In this web workshop, you will learn how to recognize daily opportunities for coaching and be able to bring out talent in everyone.

By participating in this session, managers and business professionals will learn how to:

  • Spot coaching opportunities and apply a model for coaching
  • Recognize what motivates your employees
  • Identify behaviors that foster a coaching climate

Participants in this online workshop will learn about the Six-Step Model for Coaching Smart People, learn about the four elements required for a supportive coaching climate and understand the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. Participants will identify attributes of effective coaches as well as complete a self-assessment about their own effectiveness as a mentor.

Pricing is normally $185 per person and includes access to post-classroom web-based reinforcement tools.  But if you email me at I will send you an invitation with a registration link that will bypass the shopping cart.


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