Dazzle Your Customers!

When was the last time you felt “Dazzled” by a company that you are their customer?  What a great feeling a customer would have after that experience, and yet I’m wondering if you are still trying to remember a time you felt dazzled.

I work as a consultant partner with a company that is hosting a free webinar on March 17, 2011 to overview a training program called Blazing Service.


This is but one of many programs offered by NetSpeed Learning Solutions, and they only feature it in their monthly marketing webinars twice a year.

For more information, and to register click to http://www.netspeedlearning.com/webinar/blazingservice/

The program consists of 6 modules that are learned by either classroom or virtual facilitation, and then reinforced with online application tools that take the newly learned skills and put them into action.

When you register, do me a big favor and note that you are working with Jim Hopkins, and then I earn the brownie points for your attendance.  I will be the one that follows up with you after the webinar if you want to learn how Blazing Service could be implemented at your organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


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