Department Appreciation Day

I have been an independent training consultant for almost 6 years now, and I have been without one of my favorite corporate departments for just as long.  As an independent you assume every function of a company which means you must be able to perform the tasks of sales, marketing, accounting, human resources, product development, and IT, just to name a few.

I’m doing well in most areas, but what I miss most are those talented people in IT.  The ones that man the “Help Desk” and can fix anything.  Oh, I miss them more than I ever realized I would, which simply means that I under appreciated them when I was in the corporate environment.

I am not completely technologically challenged, but I am a close cousin.  I have learned more than I thought possible, but I miss knowing for certain if I am doing the right things all the time.

It was a small thing on my PC last week that malfunctioned and got me to thinking about the lack of appreciation that often goes on within a company for each other’s department.  The value that each department provides to the company as a whole goes under noticed; and I began to think what a great idea if companies formed Department Appreciation Days.

Just like we like to identify Employee of the Month, how about having a day each month devoted to a support department.  Yes, this could be a company sponsored initiative, but I’m thinking about how much more powerful it could be if one department was to identify another department for their value.  When I ran a training department at a bank, there is no way we could have gotten through the implementation of our Learning Management System without IT.  I wish I could go back in time and do something different to show my appreciation.  I thanked them a lot, but there could have been more to show how valuable they were to us.

We all know the power of showing individual appreciation, and I am curious about what you think about this idea.  How hard would it be to implement in your organization?  What are some of the ways you could show appreciation?  What department would deserve a Department Appreciation Day from you?


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