Building High-Impact Leaders

I am teaching a workshop to a group of HR and Training Leaders on what it takes to build managers and leaders within their organizations.  It has been a topic of discussion across America in nearly every industry for years, and yet what may be more important than talking about it is the actual building of High-Impact Leaders.

Many companies have realized way too late that management and leaderships skills are not naturally part of our DNA.  Somewhere down the career path we all need to be trained how to perform these skills from basic management to strategic leadership.  Some of us were lucky and learned from a combination of training programs, mentors and coaching opportunities.

The real impact of not training or creating mentoring and coaching environments is a group of highly skilled subject matter experts that now struggle to lead organizations in these changing times.  These poor souls are unable to fix issues to take their company in a better direction so they are competitive or even keep the doors open.  The companies that have trained manager and leadership skills have redesigned their environments and are sailing into better seas.

In my opinion (after some 20 years in learning development) you need to get started on something and make a plan and commitment to add to your momentum each and every month or quarter.  Constantly taking the pulse of your organization and adjusting your course is important, but getting beyond talking about what should be done and doing something would go a very long way in most companies today.

I love to fix problems, but what I really like to do is prevent them by leveraging the learning function in a more proactive approach.  If you need help getting started, just let me know!


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