Why Do We Need To Change?

Change Management has got to be one of the least enjoyable programs I’ve ever had to train, because often it precedes a big announcement that no one wants to hear.  How often do we train the skills in dealing with change or helping other manage through change, or even leading change initiatives as a proactive skill set?  It is no wonder that most employees cringe at the very word “change” if it is always attached to a “Gotcha” Moment!

Unless you have been living in a hole for the past few years, we are now dealing with more change than ever before.  Much of it is good change, and yet our bodies and minds are challenged with dealing with change constantly.  If we haven’t learned how to recognized the phases, and process through each one, we will drive ourselves nuts trying to keep up.

I have been gifted with a special life that has been filled with challenges both personally and professionally.  I say gifted because I want to remain positive in this writing, and hindsight has allowed me to see that most if not all of these challenges have allowed me to grow, learn and become a better person for having experienced these moments.  However, to be honest with you, I am the type that just hates having the rules change once I have learned them.

When we factor into our lives what is going on with the world economy, the uncertainty of our jobs or income, things can get out of hand.  Communication is key, and bless the news media and the internet, we don’t lack for details on how bad things are and how bad they are going to get.  And yet, it is these same outlets of information that can feed our ability to work with change and not just be freaked out by it.

As an old fashion training guy, my advice would be to learn the basic skills on how to deal with change.  If you are a training professional, make sure you are teaching live sessions on change management to everyone.  NetSpeed Leadership has a great 3-hour module called “Meeting Change with Resilience” that is easy to implement.  Email me at jhopkins@netspeedlearning.com for a free preview!

What I hope you will learn is that all change comes with some loss and if you look hard enough usually comes with some gain.  Yet to finally answer my question “Why Do We Need To Change?” it is because change won’t stop happening because we sit still.  The world is still revolving and things are happening whether we participate or not.  So why not get on the ride, and get involved within the change?  Why not explore the opportunities and if you need help, email me jim@jkhopkinsconsulting.com and let me know.


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