Sears Walks Their Service Talk!

I’ve heard it said that when we as individuals receive poor customer service we tell at least 10 others, yet when we receive good service we often tell only one or two other people.

Humans I believe, like to complain.  So it stands to reason that we tell more people about bad service than good service.  Yet I try my best to do just the opposite.  When I have a great or even a good customer service experience I look for ways to tell people about it.

And before you start thinking I’m just Mr. Positive, actually my line of work has been more about fixing problems and looking for things that are not working.  Personally, I am on this campaign to tell others about good service because I find it so rare!

Black Friday, the Sale Day after Thanksgiving, is chock full of stores with “bargains” to lure you to their store.  Like so many Americans I read all the sale ads looking and prioritizing what I want to buy.

Recently I had a lawn mower that has been trying to tell me that it wants to die.  I kept trying to make it last, but it had other plans.  Sears had a great mower on sale for Black Friday, but the clerk told be they had not received any, but to check back the following week.

Long story short, I land up speaking to the store manager, who tells me they had 3 mowers, the last sold at 3:00pm on Black Friday.  I said, “so you had at least one in stock at 8:00am when I was trying to buy it?” 

Although the manager was well within his right to tell me to pound sand, (read the fine print on these sales ads) he said he would give me a hundred dollars off any mower in the store, which all were on sale that week.  So I landed up getting a much better mower, for the same price as the one I had planned to purchase!

It is service like this that makes me return to Sears for every major appliance in my house!

Share your story of great service, and let’s focus on those that walk their talk.


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