Vacation When On Vacation

The purpose of vacation is the remove yourself from the everyday world to take a break.  Whether you are camping, taking a cruise, going to an amusement park or sitting at home painting, the idea is to stop working for a few days.

This was so much easier to do in the days before remote access to email, and the trend of needing to keep in touch with work issues.  It is almost like people think they are so indispensible that if they don’t answer email the company will fall apart.

The sad reality is that we are all replaceable.  The world will not stop or fall apart if you take a week off to rest and recuperate, and if you don’t believe me I suggest you imagine how things would evolve if you were hit by the proverbial bus on vacation and could not return for a month.  Gee, life would go on would it not?

So given that August seems to be the biggest vacation month of the year, I have actually been pleased that my emails are being returned with out of office messages like – “I will not have access to email or voicemail until I return.”

If you have never tried to vacation on vacation, give it a try the next time you take time off.  Coming back to work fully charged is a great way to reimburse your company for that paid time off!


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