How Hard is it to Hit the Reply Button?

Like everyone connected to the internet, I get hundreds of emails a day, and it took what seemed like forever to dig out of the hole after being gone on vacation last week.  What I find though is it takes only seconds to hit the reply button to let people know I have received their message and will get back to them as soon as I can.  I feel this simple act is both quick and considerate.

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago on Business Ettiqute, and it is probably one of my least favorite skills to train because somewhere before you got to this place in your career, you should have learned these skills, so I get a little testy about reciting the basics.  Email itself lacks the personal touch of verbal communications, but it is a quick way to communicate.

With this in mind, put yourself in the place of the senders of email to your inbox.  When you send an email to someone asking for anything, do you enjoy having to follow up, wait weeks on end to hear from someone or be ignored completely?  I doubt it, so don’t return the same to people sending you an email.

We are all busy!  We are all needing others to help us at times!  So the next time you get an email, hit the reply button and let the person know you are not ignoring them!


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