How Do I Become a Manager?

If you are like so many people that wake up one morning and realized that you are now a supervisor or manager and cannot remember it happening, don’t feel bad.  Many of us got the promotion at one point and had no idea what we were really signing up for when we stood there shaking our heads up and down.

A friend of mine called me the other day in a complete panic because it looked like he wasn’t going to avoid the manager job any longer.  He joked he was now the only one left and that they insisted he take on the challenge.  As he laughed/cried over the prospect of managing other people I encouraged him to sign up for his company’s management training as quickly as possible.

This is a company I would have bet blindly on had something in place for entry level supervisors and managers in their training offering and yet he said they had nothing.  Not believing him I asked for the name of the training manager, and she told me it was not part of their budget for this type of training, only leadership training.  (This is a topic for another whole blog)

So I called my friend back and after I apologized we spent some time talking about what was going to be different now that he was a manager.  I told him that his main objective was to create two-way communication between himself and his employees.  To be honest and support their needs and to remove obstacles from their paths so they could be productive.  I suggested that he seek his manager’s support for some skill training, and we now have him enrolled in webinar subscription series where he is learning a new management skill set each month.

I suggested that he ask his manager for support in a mentoring capacity and spell out exactly what he would need in the way of feedback and support.  And lastly I told my friend that these new skills he will learn are completely transferable to any manager job he ever has, so once learned, they just need to be practiced to stay in place, so a good investment in his future.

My friend is off to a good start now, and much better than I know I started some 25 years ago with my first manager job.  Talk about jumping in with both feet and not having a clue! – Anyhow, the neat thing is even if your company doesn’t support management training it doesn’t mean there are not other ways to learn the skills.  If you have accepted the job as a manager, then you have the responsibility to perform the job.  Get the training you need, and be the best manager ever!

And if you want to learn more about this monthly webinar series, email me at and I will point you in the right direction.


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