What Happen to Business Etiquette?

I was thumbing through some training material the other day around Business Etiquette.  I worked for a company that took business etiquette very seriously so we trained to our expectations and didn’t leave much to chance when it came to how we expected our employees to treat customers and each other.

Now this was some 12 years ago, and I have to say I cannot remember the last time I heard about a company training Business Etiquette skills.  I wonder why that is, I mean we still should be respectful of each other, and be polite to our fellow employee and all our customers, correct?  Did the school system start teaching these skills when I wasn’t looking?  Not in my home town at least.

So I have to wonder if companies are not training Business Etiquette anymore, and the skills are not being developed at school, there just must not be a need for them anymore.  That need would mean either humans are now coming by these skills naturally or companies don’t care about treatment anymore unless is crosses the harassment line.

I do not subscribe to the idea that humans come by these skills naturally, so I am left with company’s not caring.  That is evident with the majority of people’s inability to respond to an email, or a voice message anymore. I nearly fall out of my chair these days when someone returns my call or responds to my first email.  What a pleasure it is to work with people that respect me, and use proper business etiquette in dealing with outsiders.

Organizations that don’t train employees, and then establish performance guidelines in the actions they expect are just asking for the opposite to happen.  So I’m curious as to what your company does to ensure business etiquette occurs.  And if you are doing nothing, tell me why?


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